John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly”.
It is so crucial that we are obedient, even when we don’t want to be. As we listen and do what He says, it always works out, and it is for the intention to stop Satan from killing, stealing, robbing, and destroying people. God promised us life and He promised it more abundantly!

Testimony given by Bob Werner

About 1-1/2 years ago, I got reacquainted with Pine Grove Church. At that time in my life I was deemed legally blind.2700 vision. Life was not very easy ,having to depend on other people to assist you in everyday activities. At that point I had been blind for 4-years. I started to pay close attention to words that our pastor was saying, he spoke nothing but the truth. I learned to follow his word which also made me a believer in God. Shortly after I became a believer, I had laser surgery for the third time that had restored my vision to 20/40 with glasses. My doctor was amazed, he had only seen this once in his life. That was a proven vision of God.

Testimony given by Jessi Hoard

On July 7, 2011 my husband, Joel and I were preparing for a mission trip with the church to Webuye, Kenya, Africa the Lord had a different plan for us. I was driving on 131 when I lost control of my truck. I had gotten into a bad habit of letting out the “S” word whenever I got scared, but on this day all I could do was utter God’s name over and over. Witnesses say I rolled 4-5 times into the median. I was rushed to the hospital where doctors told me I had two fractured vertebrates and needed to spend the next 3 months in a brace taking it easy. The next day my dad went to collect my belongings out of the truck and took pictures of it for me. Whenever I look at them, I become overwhelmed with God’s amazing grace. I could have been paralyzed or killed, but here I am able to walk, run and able to continue following God and accomplishing all that He has to me. God is my protector and my healer and I know without a doubt that He is in control of my life. On August 2, 2012 Joel and I will be leaving for on a mission trip to Africa with our church. We are expecting great things while there for God’s timing is perfect.

Testimony given by Sherry Tilitson

We got a call from a gentleman who needed work done on his vehicle. He had bought it from a place that sends a lot of their cars to us when they need to be fixed. So he was referred to us by the place he bought his car from. I told him that we could not get to it for about a week, but to bring it when ever you can. We would get to it as soon as we could. He had told me that he had been in the hospital for about a week and that he had to go back in and that he was home just taking care of business. When he brought his car out, he said, “Boy, it’s a long way out here.”
I said “It is, from where you came.” (He lives approx. 50 miles away.) He said that it had to be taken care of, so he brought it.
In the conversation I had asked him why he was going back to the hospital, because he was limping. He said that he was bitten by a spider and his leg was swollen clear up to his thigh. It was so bad that his skin was starting to split and he had infection running up his leg. He had been in the hospital for a week on IV’s with antibiotics try to get the infection held at bay. He then told me that the next day he was going to have his leg amputated because they could not stop the infection. So he dropped off his car and I got all of his information and he went out and then he came back in. He said “Can I have my key back because I need to transfer some stuff from one car to the other.” So I said “sure,” and I gave him his key back. As he was walking out the door the Lord spoke to me and said, “You need to pray with this man.” Of course I was thinking, “Oh, no I’m not. Lord, please don’t make me do this.” I knew this man was not a Christian because of our prior conversation. So, I was thinking, “Oh Lord, please don’t make me pray with this man. What if he doesn’t receive it?”
The Lord kept saying, “You need to pray with this man!” So he brings the key back in and he hands it to me, and he turns to leave and he gets to the door when I said, “Kenneth?” (Not his real name.) “Can I pray with you?”
He said, “Sure” in a kind of gruff voice. So he walks back and he puts his hands on the counter in front of me. I just nicely reached over and touched his arms and I started to pray with him. It went something like this. “I was bringing this man to the Lord because I knew that this man did not want to loose his leg caused from a spider bite, a creature that the Lord had made.” So I just kind of went in this direction but at the end I remembered praying “Lord, if it is, that You are going to let this man keep his leg, let him know, without a doubt, that it is because You have touched him.”
When I finished praying for him, he said to leave a message on his machine when the car was done and that he wasn’t sure who would be getting back with us because he wasn’t sure how long he was going to be in the hospital, but that somebody would get back with us. So out the door he went.
Two weeks went by and we got his vehicle finished. I called and left a message on his answering machine. I told him that his car was done and that we would keep it as long as we had to, but just to let us know what was going on. About an hour or so later I get a call and it was Kenneth. He said, “Oh, I see you called and I’ve been meaning to call you.”
I said, “OK. But before we go to the car business, I want to know ‘How are you?'”
He said, “Well, I still have my leg.” The first thing I said was “Thank you Lord.”
He said, “Let me tell you about it.” The next day he was suppose to go in and have his let amputated and when he got there that the Dr. looked at him and said that his leg was not any worse and that maybe they could wait another day. So the next day he went in and they said that it wasn’t any worse and maybe a little better and they wanted to hold off for one more day. This went on for eight days. He went in every day for eight days, to have them look at it, to see if his leg needed to be taken off.
The day before I called him, he said that he had gone to the Dr. and that the infection was gone. The swelling was going down and that it still hurt a lot, but he still has his leg.