Truck Purchase for Kenya

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Pine Grove Church (PG) has been traveling to Kenya, Africa since 2010. We are in fellowship with a network of churches known as God’s Grace Ministries. When PG first went to serve in Kenya, God’s Grace Ministries had 23 churches in two countries: Kenya and Tanzania. Currently, there are 48 churches in the following countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi. This is because they have a passion to spread the Gospel across the continent of Africa.
When PG goes to Africa, we teach and preach. We cover all expenses: food, lodging, gas, etc. We take Bibles, books, material for sewing, soccer balls for the children and more. Yet, we have come to realize that what God’s Grace Ministries really needs is a way to be self-sustaining.
In Africa, many people do not have their own means of transportation. If they need to travel any distance, they must go via bus or rent a car, bike or motorcycle. If they need to haul something, they must rent a truck. The owners of such vehicles can make a lucrative living through these rentals.
PG would like to purchase a 16’ short box truck, Mitsubishi Lory or Pajero, and provide God’s Grace Ministries with a way to self-fund their ministry. A truck would allow them to earn monies through daily rentals. Such monies would allow their ministry to fund travel to do the following:
  • Travel to current congregations to bring support and encouragement
  • Travel for the purpose of evangelism (they desire to continue reaching further across Africa)
  • Build and support schools for children in the network areas (currently, all schools in northwestern Kenya and other parts of Africa are private and cost families over $300 per semester per child. Many families cannot earn these dollars and the children go uneducated).
Pine Grove Church is asking you to partner with us to raise the purchase price for a truck. The estimated cost is $50,000 (US $). We would like to do this a “car part” at a time. To do this we have put together an approximate list of parts and prices. As individuals purchase “a part”, we will cross that part off the list until all “parts” are purchased. We are going to be collecting donations for the truck until the cost is fulfilled.
Donations can be made through this website under “Contact Us” tab, then click the “Online Giving” tab.
After clicking on the link, register as a new user, submit donation as a “gift”. This will register as a “gift” toward the truck.
PG will send you a Charitable Giving Tax Receipt.  If there is a specific “part” you wish to purchase, simply email us your desired part; otherwise, we will choose a part closest to your donated dollar amount.
Donations may also be made by sending a check/money order to the church at the following address:
Pine Grove Church, 790 Indian Trail Blvd, Traverse City, MI 49686
Additionally, PG is bringing two of the pastors from God’s Grace Ministries to America. If you would like to have these pastors visit your home church or meet with you personally. We would be very happy to arrange such a meeting during their visit.
Be sure to watch our website or Facebook page for updates on our progress.
Please call with any questions you have at (231) 590-2546.
Thank you for your support!